Things I’m Sad About 2020 Edition

This week I’ve been feeling down and being sad is rarely a subject I hesitate to talk about. I don’t think we’ve normalized having the blues or requiring the occasional cry enough.

Melancholy, in my experience, is a lot harder to name when it isn’t tethered to any single thing. Lately for me, it’s been everything. But also a ton of little things. I thought writing a list of what I am justifiably bummed about would help me feel grounded again. It did.

  1. This was the first year I applied for and received a scholarship to the Festival of Faith & Writing which I was due to attend in Michigan in April (originally canceled, now digital)
  2. Roy had surprised me with tickets to a music festival in Miami we were supposed to attend in May (postponed)
  3. Canceled my Bachelorette weekend plans and the following travel, Roy canceled a retreat in the mountains he had planned with the guys
  4. The premiere of A Quiet Place II was pushed from March to September on account of the actual dystopia occurring… and I was really excited to see it for my bday, I will never forgive John Krasinski for not replying when I tweeted I’d give him $20 to stream it
  5. I’ve experienced more social anxiety over the last few months than I have in years prior
  6. We reduced our wedding guest list from 75 people to 40
  7. And will 85% most likely have to indefinitely postpone the wedding celebration altogether anyway

This list is peanuts in comparison to the hardship and tragedy others are experiencing at this point in history.

Yet there’s a certain comfort restored when we collectively acknowledge the millions of different ways this isn’t the year any of us imagined.

What are you mourning as a result of Covid?

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Author: RJ Bohyn

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