Sean Feucht Is Killing People

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It appears this corner of the internet is getting more activity than usual. In fact, we had 7,000 new visitors last month alone.

I wish I could believe this is because of my individual charm and command of language. However, the stats suggest that it’s because of the vacuum of information documenting Sean Feucht’s antics. Of which there have been many more since we last spoke on the matter.

It appears that since Feucht’s vulture-like co-opting of the Black Lives Matter momentum in St. Louis, he’s returned to the West Coast to feign persecution by way of public health ordinance.

I find his whole thing glaringly misguided.

He would just be a nuisance to be ignored if he weren’t so exceptionally harmful. His example of defiance is one of ignorance and it mobilizes the followers who subscribe to this entitled hyper-partisan brand of Christian faith.

They will elevate Sean Feucht as a mini-messiah leading them to deliverance from poorly-paid retail employees that are just trying to follow policy and the governors that would rather their constituents not die.

NBC reports that Sean Feucht was the frontman behind Sunday’s revival-like Let Us Worship event which drew approximately 5,000 people to the beach for a concert amidst a pandemic.

Image of crowd at Sean Feucht's worship event, hands raised, no masks
Image from Sean Feucht’s Let Us Worship event

When asked about the man behind these gatherings, the Northern California musician and worship leader responded, “I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody, and that’s Jesus. “

The thing is, I don’t buy it.

And I’m making that assumption from what I’ve heard from the other side of this horse’s mouth. Just take a look at his bio. It reeks of a man desperate to be seen.

Someone tell him he needs a comma after author.

And aren’t we all longing to be seen?

Perhaps not as the leader of a movement but by a parent, a lover, a friend, a holy God in the midst of our pain and struggle?

It depresses me to no end that Sean Feucht’s purpose behind these gatherings showcases an unwillingness to see or his neighbor.

California has reported 8,517 deaths as a result of Covid-19 and 477k confirmed cases impacting a disproportionate amount of Black and Latino communities.

Regardless of such, Feucht is taking his sideshow to Portland next month to “change the narrative” after weeks of protests and riots.

Do you see what he’s doing here? He’s essentially the worship-equivalent of an ambulance chaser.

Instead of assuring the Church that Christ is in the room with us when we pray or worship privately in our bedrooms, he’s boasting about the amount of bodies he got to come out to sing on the beach. He’s insisting his followers “hold the line” while the rest of humanity bleeds out.

We don’t have time for persecution theatrics.

Unfortunately, provocateurs of Feucht’s variety believe there’s no such this as bad press. If they’re getting “persecuted” (lol) by bloggers or the mainstream media, they enter the fantasy of a martyr.

Instead, please join me in muting the man altogether.

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Author: RJ Bohyn

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  • Thank you for educating on the idiocy of Feucht. I live near one of his recent “worship”swarms – and as a staunch Christian – who believes in following government mandates (and enjoying church online or in a small gathering with a mask on) – I’m appalled By all these “Christians“ ignoring Biblical and government standards. I find myself wondering if there’s more to this story? I believe that he lost (or gave up) his position at Bethel While he ran for Congress. Then lost that. Now is outside a job. He started some nonprofits (as a lawyer who specializes in setting up 501c3’s), is he using these to funnel money and avoid taxes? He’s no longer got a job but has no trouble taking “offerings” at these gatherings (nice to be passing a plate that’s touched by thousands l- welcome to germ city)….Besides the religious And legal sides of this – It has a lot of stink to it. I’m wondering if you’ve found anymore. If anyone needs to “wake up” (As he shouts regarding Covid issues), the church needs to WAKE UP to people like this guy…talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing….
    Anyways – keep up the great work. Facts matter!

  • We all walk with a limp … we all have our thorns we deal with. Heck just look at the 12 original disciples of Christ … did they have issues, did some have big heads … they were mostly a bunch of yo yos but God molded them while He was using them and in the end they were used mightily. I always look at the fruit and there is much fruit happening. The whole Corvid-19 deal is a mixed bag and everyone needs to come to their own conclusions. Yes I see someone that likely enjoys the spotlight but never less God can use him in his current state. Again we all walk with a limp. A good example of being used by God but walking with a limp is Lonnie Frisbee, the hippy evangelist that God used powerfully to spark the Jesus Movement of the late 60’s early 70’s. God used him for a season where 100,000’s were saved and help spark two world wide church movements and 100’s of spin offs of non-denominational churches. I always say I would like to be found doing something though not perfectly when the Lord returns than sitting on my hands doing nothing. For me I’ll extend grace and continue to watch for the fruit.

  • Jerry, ultimately God will judge although encouraging people to gather when there is an active viral outbreak that is filling hospitals and ICUs is beyond a ‘yo yo’ move. Yes, God can use anything for his purposes although that doesn’t wipe away the consequences of potential thousands of people getting sick, 100s dying, the economy depressing further, etc. I am reminded of the parable of the sheep and the goats….but Lord…look at all I did for you….

  • IS this sean feucht actually a pastor accredited from a seminary ? This guy is a hustler. Who is backing him financialy ? And thank you and your writing style is so appreciated by tired eyes. God Bless you. Tom

  • Thank you for this post! I am thankful for the freedoms we have in this country, but God called me to be a slave and to concern for the “least of these”. I believe that much of the protest and BLM activity is misguided and/or misdirected, but I believe that some have born a greater burden of injustice than others simply because of historical and current racial discrimination. Rather than show the love of Jesus to those who are disillusioned, Mr. Feucht is engaging in a turf war with them.