Revisiting The Weekend

Hello friends,

I hope the beginning of this week finds you healthy and happy.

I have been fighting a headache over the weekend that simply will not quit. I went so far as to Google “prolonged headache covid” but the search results tell me I should probably just take an Advil and hydrate.

Roy and I took belated engagement photos yesterday morning. We started at 8am and just 45 minutes later we had to pack it up thanks to the humidity but despite the heat and some natural awkwardness, our photographer captured several sweet moments.

You are invited to match the enthusiasm of our mommas by enjoying the pictures below. I am going to put an ice pack on my head and pretend I’m still enjoying a morning stroll across a beautiful park.

In reality, I’ll be on conference calls.

Such is life!

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

Emily Brontë
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Author: RJ Bohyn

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  • May I tell you about what really helped me with my headache? It is in German but as it is youtube tutorials you should be fine watching and mirroring what they do. For me it needed headache, shoulder ache and jaw ache exercises. The chanal is called Liebscher & Bracht. Here is their first aid headache video as a link:
    Maybe you can help yourself with this and it will not for ever be bound to the German lingo to have access to this!