Lately In Love, Volume 1: Passports and Marble Prints



How are you all doing, friends?

As New York City bunkers down for what is promising to be a snowfall of historic proportions, I am at home creating reports and visuals for work. Even though I’m connected to the daily grind by email and phone, a snow day on a Monday still feels pretty luxurious. I’m in sweatpants so all is well with the world, I think.

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over the few number of things featured above. Going forward, I’ll share a new list of items each week, along with all the reasons they’re worth lovin’. Thus the category “Lately In Love” – You know, like “Crazy In Love”? Just imagine I’m like, showcasing these items whilst strutting down Mission Road in Downtown LA because Jay Z and I are getting married and I don’t care what anyone says, we’re building an empire.

1. Hope In A Jar | I sweeaaaear by this stuff. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you were born with the skin of an angel, this should be on your grocery list (that’s if you’re shopping for groceries at Sephora which I admit I sometimes do in the sense that I spend my grocery money… at Sephora).

2. Rifle Paper Co. Travel Journals | I wandered into some boutique in Park Slope and these beauties caught my eye. Although I don’t need another journal, I am purchasing the wallpaper of this print because it’s just so dreamy and I can frame it and wrap the best gifts in it and just Mod Podge it on to everything I own.

3. FRIENDS on Netflix | My roommate and I have been vegging through several seasons of FRIENDS the last few weekends. Upon rewatching the series, I’m catching jokes I definitely did not have the context to understand (thankfully so!) while it was on air. Also, all of the “adulthood is hard and weird” themes they’re constantly running with? I totally concur and often find myself laughing along with a deeeeeep sense of shared embarrassment with the characters. So deep.

4. Marble Print Boots by H&M | Enough said but they’re sold out :( :( :( :(

5. Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath & Body Works Lotion | My younger brother got me a bottle of this stuff for Christmas and the scent reminds me of my childhood best friend whose parents were fancy enough to buy her $14.00 lotion as a middle schooler. It also makes me think of the many after-school afternoons spent at her house in South Florida, either curled under a pile of blankets reading or watching the parakeets fly from corner to corner in the aviary adjacent to her room.

6. Michael Kors Perfume for Women | Speaking of scents, this stuff smells like dreams. Very fancy ones, like the kind that are born atop the pillows of The Mondrian Hotel in SoHo. I bought this perfume last Summer but just rediscovered it in the back of my dresser drawer. I think it’s more of a Winter scent, being that it’s floral but woody and lingers with a sweet, oaky note. It makes me feel like a super sophisticated lady. You know, the kind that totally knows what kind of groceries to buy in preparation for a snow storm, and doesn’t just sit here blogging with a bag of Twizzlers.

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