Kid Wear Fit For A King

Every once in a while, I come across editorials or photo sets encapsulating everything I appreciate about an aesthetic. Before the birth of this blog, I’d spam my friends with links, insisting they share my admiration for the composition, lush colors, and “sub-culture cool” found in recently uncovered gems. I stumbled across this one from même. kids wear earlier this week and mon Dieu, I’m in love. I’ve now moved on from spamming my friends to insisting they start havin’ kids soon so I can buy their babies all of these threads, and begin the life I’ve always dreamed of as some kind of fairy godmother/Kanye-when-he-does-fashion figure. Somehow, my pals still keep me around but I digress. How cool are these lil’ guys? They look like they want the world to know the next generation of kings has arrived and frankly, I’d agree.

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Author: RJ Bohyn

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  • One. Adorable.
    Two. I really appreciate the fact that you said ‘mon Dieu’ in your blogpost.
    Three. I can’t wait to give my little girl a top knot like a true young stunna.
    Four. Of course I keep you around. ;)

    • One time whilst in London I saw like, 3 generations of women with top knots and I just feel like that’s going to be our reality one day. #blessed