Take Two; Reconciling The Old to The New


A little over a year ago, I was in the exact same position I find myself in this Tuesday afternoon.

I was launching a blog that I shared widely with my friends and extended network, which lead me to produce content multiple times a week and enjoy a daily routine intertwined with my long-standing love for writing.

I began a new job in March that demanded a different set of skills, a considerable amount of energy and writing fell to the wayside. Along with it, my vision for my old blog and it’s readers.

So the story goes.

I’m here once again for the same reason that I imagine others return again and again to the sea.

Writing, in it’s unique ability to wash away the debris of the non-creative life, allows me to reestablish what matters most. It helps me redeem things I don’t understand in this unsteady world and gives way to stillness when the clamor of living proves deafening. I can depend on the ocean returning to kiss the shore no matter how many times a day it is sent away, just as I return to words again and again in my exploration of beauty and the human spirit.

Whether anyone visits does not matter. After all this time, it’s still the sea and me.

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Author: RJ Bohyn

My name is RJ, I'm a writer and consultant based in the South. If you're reading this, you've arrived at the corner of the internet I've cultivated to share life, reflections on faith, style, and just about everything in between with those generous enough to read.

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  • oh rebecca, you express yourself beautifully. i don’t have any insights to share except to say that i think i know what you mean. hey, by the way, thanks for stopping by my site and for sharing your thoughts about writing. on my blog, i sometimes get neurotic about sharing too much versus not sharing enough and that conflict really gets the best of me sometimes, to the point that sharing no longer becomes fun. aarrrgh. anyway, i think i’m blabbing here. oops. :)

    but for real: 1. thanks for visiting. 2. thanks for writing this post. 3. hi 5! 4. i’ll be back to see what you’re up to. happy holidays!