My friends call me RJ.

Born in Miami, grew up next to Disney World, and lived in Brooklyn for years before accidentally returning to the South. You can ask me about that sometime. After beginning my career in the non-profit world, I made the move into media and later began consulting clients of every size to afford Riyah (seen lounging to the left) her best life.

My favorite things includes listening to Jonathan Van Ness talk, travel, receiving snail mail from friends, opening too many tabs, and buying houseplants I’ll soon neglect. This space is a culmination of nearly two decades of oversharing online beginning on Livejournal dot com when I was 14.

I’ve often experienced God’s love extend to the poor, the downtrodden, and the misfits as a result of finding myself in those margins.

In turn, this space is a home for others like me where we can hope beyond reason as we move through the indecencies and victories of our shared humanity. I call this living among the olive trees, turning walls into bridges, extending the table, making peace wherever our feet lead.

We should chat.