5 Household Amazon Purchases You Won’t Regret Buying

This week I realized I don’t shop on Amazon very often.

When I looked at my order history to make a round-up for this post, I found little to work with beyond air filters and a some unremarkable make-up brushes. These days, I am trying to be more conscious about shopping locally and yet one area that I find it inevitable to shop on Amazon for is the household goods department due to the convenience, the endless reviews, and the accessibility.

Below are 5 household items I don’t regret buying.

iTouchless Stainless Steel 13.2 Gallon Trash Can

Time for one of my favorite stories from when R and I began dating: We were on our best behavior and trying to impress one another the first six months of our relationship. The one time I visited the house he had with roommates in Tallahassee during this time, he went on a multi-day cleaning spree.

Sometime during the weekend I spent at his house, he noticed I avoided throwing things away because it meant I had to touch trash can covered with grime that only a bachelor pad could know. The one thing he didn’t get to before I visited was buying a new one! He never forgot that I noticed. And I enjoyed teasing him about it because I saw how hard he had worked to clean up the place.

He recently bought a stainless steel trash can for our home to replace our old one because I found our former one (not the nightmare referenced above but a different one) ugly. He’s a romancer, alright. And bless him for living with someone who has A Lot Of Opinions about trash cans.

Nutri Fit Digital Food Scale with Removable Bowl

If you remember from my note about weightlifting here, I’m getting back to healthy portions in the area of both wine AND food. Turns out a bag of restaurant chips from Trader Joe’s is meant to be shared. Who knew. This battery-operated scale is easy to use, has no-frills (except the free vegetable peeler it comes with, I guess?), and does the job.

Industrial Pipe Clothing Garment Rack

I love our home but between the winter wardrobe I’m not willing to part with despite living in Florida, closet space comes at a premium. R suggested we get a clothing rack for the bedroom and I resisted for a while thinking it would look messy or discourage me from putting clothes away. The exact opposite has been true. I can access my clothes without any trouble and my day-to-day wardrobe has actually rotated onto the garment rack while the closets hold the wardrobes for travel, seasonal change, and special occasions. The rack also provides an industrial feel to our space which we weren’t looking for but I’ll take it.

Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 18-Inch Platforma Bed Frame

Continuing the industrial theme, we searched for a bed frame that would be affordable while permitting Riyah, our 45-pound husky, to fit comfortably underneath. We love this 18-inch platform bed frame from Zinus and it’s solved Riyah’s insistance to sleep in the bed with us because she has her own kingdom underneath. We’ve had it for 6 months without squeaks, stubbed toes, or complaints. We’ve resigned to the growing pile of dog toys underneath.

Ring Doorbell with HD Video and Motion-Activated Alerts

Finally, I think we’re the last people on our street to get a Ring doorbell since we’ve resisted the ascension to a surveillance state as much as possible. THAT SAID, we live in Downtown Orlando. Although our community is pretty safe, it’s still a metropolitan area and our street can be dark. We bought a Ring doorbell six months ago and within a week of it being installed, I lost my wallet at a local brewery just a mile away. The next day, someone that worked in the same plaza returned my wallet! Although we weren’t home, we were able to speak with them through Ring and they left it in the mailbox. What a world.

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