10 Unusual Gifts For The Cool Girl In Your Life

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I am currently posted on my couch watching 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Have you guys seen it? The premise of 90 Day Fiancé (the genesis of the spin-off I’m watching) is that partners from foreign countries arrive stateside on a temporary visa to decide whether their courtship with the American they’ve been dating should end in marriage.

This spin-off I’m watching flips the script. Americans sell everything and end up following their hearts to Ecuador, South Africa, Qatar, or wherever else their mates may be. You see the entire spectrum of American entitlement on display; it’s both incredible and full of cringe. And I love it.

Anyway, it’s entertaining me on this quiet night in while R works a game for the Solar Bears hockey team down the street.

He’s tasked me with compiling a list of gift suggestions for the upcoming holidays and my birthday soon after so I’m sharing a list of gifts for the Cool Girl in your life. You know, the one I’d aspire to if I weren’t at home in my pajamas watching TLC instead.

Printed Silk Scarf. Little Swimmers Illustration.

I’ve admired this silk square scarf for years now! I’ve never been inclined to spend the money on buying it for myself but it’s a beautiful piece of art, feminine yet still evoking the power suggested by the poses of the dancers and the bird with fastest wing beats in the animal world.

2020 Wall Calendar by Lisa Congdon

We just bought this calendar from Portland artist Lisa Congdon last week and can’t wait for it to arrive. Printed at a local family-owned print shop on 100lb opaque bright white paper, this one will make for a great punch of color in the kitchen while we’re cooking and I’m looking forward to upcycling the prints as gifts once the year is done.

New York Metro Minimalistic Map Printable Art 8x10

In the case that color is not what you’re shopping for, here’s a deconstructed 8×10 print of the New York metro instead for the minimalist in your life. Note that this is a $5 digital file, you’ll have to print it and frame it yourself which is super easy to do.

Sleeper pajamas

I am obsessed with this set and if you follow really any influencer at all, you’ll know they’re having a moment. They’re pjs that you wear on the street … because you spent over $200 on them. I usually shirk at trends that oversaturate Instagram but I’ve been obsessed with these since I saw them.

Feather trim is having a moment and I am unabashedly here. for. it.

Girls Girls Girls Tote

A Cool Girl will never have enough tote bags. It’s a cosmic law. Send tweet.

Ruby Compass Star Necklace Ruby Necklace July Birthstone

I might be making this up from a dream but I feel like I used to have a piece of costume jewelry that looked exactly like this unique piece. I have a crush on any jewelry that looks like a compass or north star, and the garnet detail here reminds me of a Victorian-era heirloom. It’s a very Drew-Barrymore-in-Ever-After moment.

Lost In Miami. Art Print

I recently explored this local gift shop called Yay! where the owner had curated several prints from Janet Hill and I’ve since been obsessed. I thought she was a local artist as well, but Hill is based in Ontario. Clearly, her work is suited to grace any coast or any home.

Terrazzo concrete coasters

Terrazo is also having a moment right now and these coasters would make a sweet housewarming gift. Let me know if you’re moving anytime soon.

Bud Vase. White or Rose and Gold Feminist Porcelain Center

I’ve been looking for unusual details to decorate our home and this porcelain statement piece is a celebration of feminine energy. I love it.


Another linen x organic cotton canvas tote (never enough) that supports an artist while being large enough to carry everything you need. This one can be used open or cinched by the leather ties (similarly to an LV Neverfull).

Dutch Still Life Wrapping Paper

Finally, here’s some Dutch still life wrapping paper I’ll be using for all my gifts into 2020 to wrap your finds in.

Now back to 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way and seeing if Evelyn is gonna marry this gringo who is in love with her or if she’s just rinsing the poor dude for his pesos.

Be a Cool Girl.

Don’t be Evelyn.

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